Gold BCR, the mobile, and commercial digital currency payment

A new coin that combines the best features of Bitcoin, improves network latency, rewards, and provides access to mobile and commercial digital currency payments is available on Exchange. We are excited to share the news, GBCR got listed on our exchange. Trading and withdrawals will open on November 17th at 10:00 AM UTC.

What is GBCR?

GBCR is a decentralized gold-backed cryptocurrency that is secure and fast. With a proof-of-stake consensus, backing coins with gold, this peer-to-peer electronic digital asset is the next evolution in Bitcoin technology, rewarding wallet holders who participate in the network.

GBCR has a finite supply of three-million coins, with only 33,000 in circulation and a total of six-million coins to be minted. GBCR has multiple advantages over other coins. You can create transactions with a digital asset from and to anywhere in a few clicks. You will also be a part of an efficient, large network hosted by a large number of primary nodes with proof of stake without congestion and low transaction fees. The GBCR is also fault-tolerant and its ecosystem empowers the control of wealth without intermediaries.

How does it work?

Gold BCR, a blockchain-enabled digital cryptocurrency. It operates similarly to Bitcoin, however, there are two major distinctive features that, collectively, are unique to GBCR. One of them is the power features to GBCR’s stable-coin function limit volatility during regular market fluctuations in the international spot price of gold. The other thing is that the GBCR coin has a pretty unique set of blockchain mining functions, which create a self-sustaining distributed ledger. It is responsible for removing the need for intermediaries to validate transactions.

Trade GBCR/BTC and GBCR/USDT from November 17th, 10:00 am UTC on Exchange.

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