IDEA: The Crypto to Chase in 2021

Take a deeper look at Ideaology’s IDEA Token, the Active IDEA platform, and why this is the company to watch this year!

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  • Hold the token to receive platform benefits such as a 50% discount on fees, integrated crowdfunding functionality, and voting privileges on platform-wide projects
  • Be an early investor in new projects as they make their way through the Active IDEA platform

A Platform For The Future

Ideaology’s Active IDEA platform is a self-contained, crypto-backed freelancing, and business development ecosystem built to host the future of collaborative commerce.

The Big Plan

With the upcoming launch of the Active IDEA platform, Ideaology aims to serve a wide array of digital businesses and entrepreneurs. The Active IDEA platform, and accompanying cryptocurrency wallet will be available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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What is Active IDEA?

Built upon the technology that underpins the world’s leading cryptocurrencies, Active IDEA is an all-inclusive business development platform that will empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and project managers to take cutting-edge initiatives from ideation to all the way to fruition.

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Exchange you can trust —

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