JulSwap and JustLiquidity AMA Summary

What you’ve missed during our AMA

JulSwap Web-interface
  • JustLiquidity Virtual and Physical Debit Cards: In the next 4–8 weeks, we will release the integration for virtual and physical debit cards in a decentralized manner into our JulWallet Mobile Version. Yes, Debit cards are nothing really unique, but we give you the option to use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay with your virtual cards and your crypto is stored decentralized until you make your purchase, so no one gets access to your crypto.
  • JustLiquidity Private: To allow the Community to send BNB, BUSD, USDT, JULb and JulD anonymously (more in progress), without the option to track the transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, we will implement the JustLiquidity Private Protocol.
  • JulIncubator: To allow new Projects and Teams to join the BSC directly. The JUL Team in the Future will set-up the JulIncubator, which will be integrated into info.julswap.com.
  • JustLiquidity Token Bridge: We built a Token Bridge form ERC20 to BEP20 and vice versa to allow small and medium-sized projects to join the BSC even if they are already on the Ethereum Blockchain without increasing the total supply.

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